Message from our Church Council President

So how about that Narthex?

We have been very busy.  The work on this is all funded by the Memorial Funds.  John Lukecart and Ken Dobbs obtained 3 estimates for the drywall/painting/lighting project.  While we were reviewing the estimates, Barb Carty and Terry Wolfe were looking over our Memorial Funds list.   After           recommendations received, and estimates reviewed, we chose a company to begin work.  Then we noticed the carpet.  This was hard to miss.  With the new lighting, the carpet was going to look really bad.  Well it does all ready.  Ken Dobbs  obtained 3 bids, and Barb Cary and Terry Wolf went back to work on the Memorial Funds.  This takes a while, as in some cases we had to track down families out of town. We are now all set. The contracts have been signed, preliminary checks have been written, and supplies are being purchased.  We hope to have it done by the time Pastor gets back.  It would be a nice welcome home!  The Carpet comes in under $2,000.00.  The drywall/painting/lighting project I believe is going over the $7,500.00 range.  But we have $13,300.00 in memorial funds.

The Church Council has also been listening carefully to concerns voiced by the membership regarding our drop in numbers.  This is not an easy fix, and we are tossing ideas around.  Ideas shared by some of you. Thank you.  This Building membership and Discipleship will require a lot of help.  So let’s roll up our sleeves.  There will be more to come.  But do come to us with ideas.  We need all the brainstorming we can get.

I have so enjoyed Pastor Havlic, and her sermons.  She is a treasure.  Pastor Alan left us in good hands to be sure.  We have a caring group that is filling the gap while Pastor Alan is gone for caring visits, and phone calls.  I think this group should remain in place when Pastor Alan returns.  That is Discipleship.

The one service this summer has worked well, I think.  In the fall, we may look at numbers, and see if the one service model dropped attendance.  I do believe it was a fine exercise to worship together, and blend our hearts in this way.  Perhaps next summer we can do the same.

I want to give a shout out to John Lukecart for his long tenure on Buildings and Grounds, and his awesome assistance to start the Narthex project rolling. Speaking of awesome, Ken Dobbs did a lot of leg work on the estimates, and Terry Wolfe with contacting out of town families.  What a          wonderful Team!

Robin Hughes


Church Council