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Hello New Spirit family!

It’s no secret that respiratory illnesses (Covid, RSV, Flu…) are extremely active in our community and have also recently impacted our congregation directly here at New Spirit. During the height of the pandemic up until now, the church council has been dedicated to following CDC guidelines and local Pima County Health Department recommendations in an effort to keep our congregation and community as safe as possible.  On Monday, November 28, 2022, the Pima County Health Department announced the current covid transmission rates had jumped from low to HIGH and that masking indoors in public spaces and on public transportation was the recommended guidance.  Given this new information, the council met on Tuesday, November 29, 2022 and voted to STRONGLY RECOMMEND mask wearing inside any of the New Spirit buildings, effective immediately.  We will ensure there is proper signage about masking as well as having masks on hand for those who may need one.  We are confident this change will not be forever and will continue to monitor transmission rates and the recommendations from our local Pima County Health Department. 

Fellowship hour will also temporarily be paused effective THIS Sunday, 12/4/2022, as masking and eating don’t work well together. We will be gauging interest in outdoor fellowship in the coming weeks as a potential option moving forward. Please stay tuned for updates!

Our ultimate goal is to love our neighbor and we feel masking allows us to do just that while also continuing our ministry at New Spirit.  Keeping everyone who comes through our doors safe is our highest priority.  We appreciate your understanding and willingness to be flexible as we continue to navigate these challenges. 

In Christ,

The Congregation Council

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