An Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) Congregation

Welcome to long time Lutherans, Christians from every tradition, and people new to the faith.

This is a place where you are welcome to celebrate and sorrow, rejoice and recover.

This is a place where lives are made new.

Welcome to believers, questioners, and questioning believers.

Welcome to all who have no church home,

Want to follow Christ, have doubt or do not believe.

Welcome to new visitors and old friends.

Welcome to people of every age and size, color and culture, sexual orientation and marital status, ability and challenge.

Welcome to New Spirit!

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There are currently volunteer opportunities available with our Food Bank,
Blessings in a Backpack, our AARP Tax Preparation Site, and more!


Pastor Alan Field is an Arizonan at heart having grown up in the Sonoran desert. He graduated from Coronado High School in Scottsdale, and attended the University of Oklahoma where he earned a degree in Cultural Anthropology. [...] In 2001 he was called to Tucson to serve Spanish Trail Lutheran (now New Spirit Lutheran Church.) Pastor Alan is an animated teacher, creative writer, and a challenging, yet, encouraging preacher.

He is a fitness enthusiast, a frustrated golfer, aspiring musician, and wannabe artist. Read more...



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    Pentecost Sunday September 16th

    Pentecost Sunday 09.16.18 (I love) the book of James!   He is so practical, so relevant, so intentional about what it means to be Christian, and what it means to live in community.   Some of his words can bring a chuckle to our hearts, and some can be deep and powerful challenges.   Those words are enough...
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    Pentecost Sunday September 9th

    Pentecost Sunday 09.09.18 (Nothing) ventured, nothing gained.  Do any of you live your life like that? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Maybe it was how you made whatever investments you could to prepare for retirement.  Maybe it was taking a chance asking for a promotion or a raise at work.  If anything, nothing ventured, nothing gained...