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THIS WEEK'S MESSAGE: You can subscribe to each week's message on YouTube at "New Spirit Lutheran Tucson." Here's the link for Jan. 16, "Purpose Drive Life: Find Your Verb."

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You were made for a purpose! Why not take some time as the new year begins to connect with your life purpose? Knowing you have a purpose and identifying the direction you want to go gives new energy to every hour of every day.

Join us during January and February as we read The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren (get your free copy and reading guide today!) and get together in small discussion groups (online and in person) to process what we're reading. This could be a pivotal time in your life that sets you up for deeper meaning and fulfillment for years to come.

The message series kicks off on Sunday, Jan. 16th.  Follow along with the reading guide and join us at any of these days/times for conversation. For non-Sunday groups, please call or email the church office to let us know you'll be joining in.

  • Sunday mornings at 11am (in person)
  • Wednesday mornings at 10am (in person, limit 10)
  • Thursday evenings at 6pm on Zoom
  • Thursday evenings at 7pm on Zoom

All discussion groups begin the week of Jan. 23.

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Spiritual Growth Coaching helps you discover your personalized path to a better way to live. Your trained Spiritual Growth Coach asks questions that help you explore big questions in life: What do I want? What am I here for? How do I make this tough decision? How do I live well? What’s one practical step I can take this week?

Coaching is not counseling, mentoring, or consulting. Coaching is a series of question-based conversations between a trained coach and someone open to exploring growth and change in his or her life. The coach’s questions help the person being coached to clarify goals, discover resources, explore options, and decide on a plan. The focus is on what one or two things a person could do to take the next concrete step toward a life of greater love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

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Pastor Carol Breimeier came to New Spirit in August 2020 as part-time interim pastor. She serves three-quarters time, working with her husband, Pastor Fred Nelson, who serves New Spirit one-quarter time.

Prior to moving to Tucson in November 2019, Carol served as pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Park Ridge and Chicago, Illinois. She had been at Redeemer from her internship in 1998 through to the fall of 2019, with four years away to serve as an Assistant to the Bishop of the Metro Chicago Synod, focused on congregational renewal.

Carol’s particular passions in ministry are communicating the gospel—the Good News about Jesus Christ—creatively and clearly and grounding all of church life in that Good News.

In downtime, Carol enjoys hiking, golf, crossword puzzles, and exploring Tucson and environs.

Pastor Fred Nelson began as our part-time interim pastor at New Spirit in June 2020 and was joined by his wife, Pastor Carol Breimeier, in August. Pastor Fred is serving one-quarter time and Pastor Carol three-quarters time.

Until he relocated to Tucson at the end of 2019 and began to focus on prison and reentry ministry, Fred was the lead pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church, a multisite congregation located in Park Ridge and Chicago, Illinois. He is also the founder and Executive Director of the Lutheran Church Planters Network, created to help train and network church planters across the country.

A former missionary in Bangladesh and an expert in Christian-Muslim relations, Fred has been involved in prison ministry since 2005 as a volunteer chaplain at Stateville Prison in Joliet, Illinois, including founding the Under the Door Prison Ministry, writing the Spiritual Survival Guide for Prison and Beyond, and crafting RED Chicago, a reentry directory for the Chicago area. He is the founder and executive director of the Inside Out Network, dedicated to crafting innovative solutions to connect returning citizens with service providers, churches, and ministries, as well as to connect those serving on the inside in prison ministry with those outside who are working on reentry challenges.

Because of Christ’s call and claim on his life, Fred sees himself fundamentally as a change-agent, an agent to bring Christ’s life-changing hope and joy to everyone he meets, but especially to those who are feeling hopeless or disconnected. He has a passion for networking, coaching, hiking in the desert, and Indian food. Fred and Carol have four grown sons between them.

He’s excited about what God can do in and through the people of New Spirit!