Christ the King Sunday 11.25.18

Christ the King Sunday 11.25.18 Children’s sermon  (crown) (As we) approach the end of 2018, in a month, I have the sneaking suspicion that the “word” that has been featured in more headlines in newspapers, or on-line is: post-truth.  One headline that caught my attention was “Our Post-Truth World.”

Pentecost Sunday 11.18.18

Pentecost Sunday 11.18.18 Children’s sermon (And just) like that it’s over.  I’ve seen a number of movies that have that kind of sudden end.   I’ve been to a dinner party or two that have had that kind of sudden end.  Have you ever had that experience?   It’s like everything is going grandly….and then, the lights

Pentecost Sunday 11.11.18

Pentecost Sunday 11.11.18 Children’s sermon  (compassion) (What is) your compassion quotient?  Do you have one?  The measure of one’s compassion has to do with awareness of life’s issues.  If you’ve never been hungry, you may not be moved by the great need the hungry of Tucson face.  If you have never been treated unjustly, you

November 2018 Newsletter

November 2018 Newsletter

Reformation Sunday 10.28.18

Reformation Sunday 10.28.18 (I was) 15 years old when I preached my first sermon.  It was Youth Sunday at Good Shepherd Lutheran in Tempe, now University Lutheran. It was a small church with lots of baby-boomer kids, World War II and Korea veterans, ASU professors, and even a ASU coach or two.  I’m not sure

Pentecost Sunday September 30th

Pentecost Sunday 09.30.18 (Everybody) has enemies.  It’s true!  Everybody has someone they deem as not like them; who seek to undo them; who are persona non grata, person without grace.  Who are yours?

October 2018 Newsletter

October 2018 Newsletter

Pentecost Sunday September 16th

Pentecost Sunday 09.16.18 (I love) the book of James!   He is so practical, so relevant, so intentional about what it means to be Christian, and what it means to live in community.   Some of his words can bring a chuckle to our hearts, and some can be deep and powerful challenges.   Those words are enough