Pentecost Sunday September 30th

Pentecost Sunday 09.30.18 (Everybody) has enemies.  It’s true!  Everybody has someone they deem as not like them; who seek to undo them; who are persona non grata, person without grace.  Who are yours?

October 2018 Newsletter

October 2018 Newsletter

Pentecost Sunday September 16th

Pentecost Sunday 09.16.18 (I love) the book of James!   He is so practical, so relevant, so intentional about what it means to be Christian, and what it means to live in community.   Some of his words can bring a chuckle to our hearts, and some can be deep and powerful challenges.   Those words are enough

Pentecost Sunday September 2nd

Pentecost Sunday 09.02.18 Back in 2009, there was a struggle in our denomination. It was a gut-wrenching fight among colleagues and congregations who were framing their particular views as “returning to the truth” which meant, of course, that whoever thought slightly differently was automatically on the side of falsehood, and by default, on the side

September 2018 Newsletter

September 2018 Newsletter

Pentecost Sunday August 26th

Pentecost Sunday 08.26.18 (I need) to begin by saying not all ancient manuscripts of John’s Gospel contain this story. There are two possible reasons.  One is that in some manuscripts of Luke’s Gospel a form of the story is recorded; but the second is more intriguing.  Some scholars believe that this story was intentionally omitted

Pentecost Sunday August 19th

Pentecost Sunday 08.19.18 (How) reliant are you?   What are the things or actions you do regularly that, if you did not do them or use them, your day would not be complete?

Pentecost Sunday August 12th

Pentecost Sunday 08.12.18 I understand that there are some people in this world who are uncomfortable with that picture. Do you know anyone like that? (Control) is a very interesting commodity. While it implies that when you have it, you will be better off than any old billionaire….and that you will, in the end, be