Pentecost Sunday August 12th

Pentecost Sunday 08.12.18 I understand that there are some people in this world who are uncomfortable with that picture. Do you know anyone like that? (Control) is a very interesting commodity. While it implies that when you have it, you will be better off than any old billionaire….and that you will, in the end, be

Pentecost Sunday July 29th

Pentecost Sunday 07.29.18 (It could) be the Bible’s best imitation of Gilligan’s Island!  After a late night storm blew their fishing (boat) off course, and after waking Jesus up from his sound sleep, and after he calmed the storm and went back to sleep by the time the sun (came) up their boat was beached. 

August 2018 Newsletter

August 2018 Newsletter

Pentecost Sunday July 22nd

Pentecost Sunday 07.22.18 If you were (asked to) describe the state of affairs in our world to a visitor from some other galaxy what would you say?

Pentecost Sunday July 15th

Pentecost Sunday 07.15.18 (Sometimes) you simply can’t make this stuff up, when life shares the very same shadows and light as the writings of the prophets and scripture.

Pentecost Sunday July 1st

Pentecost Sunday 07.01.18 (Last) week we gathered in Houston with 31,000 youth and adults for five days of celebration, learning, and work. You will hear the stories of our youth on Sunday, August 5th. While there was a spirit of WOW in the air, there was an underlying reality that adult leaders and pastors talked

Pentecost Sunday June 24th

Pentecost Sunday 06.24.18 (The) Jesus Movement was in some trouble. While Jesus had healed many people, and had taught of the Kingdom of God using simple stories as metaphor, all in all, he received mixed reviews.        

Pentecost Sunday June 17th

Pentecost Sunday 06.17.18